Set Your Password


How to change your password

To shop at the new Maintex website, a password update is required. Follow the steps below to update your password.

Step 1: Click "sign in"

Click the sign in link at the top right of the home page at


Step 2: Click "Forgot your password?"

On the following page click "forgot your password" to be taken to the reset password page.

Step 3: Reset password

Enter your email address and click "reset password" to be emailed a link that will then take you to reset you password.

Step 4: Check Email

Check the email address you provided to access the "Reset Password" link. Click the link and you will be taken to a page where you will enter your new password.

Enter your desired password.


*Passwords must be 8 characters and contain: lower case letters, upper case letters, at least 1 number.

Step 5: Log in!

You can now log in and shop with your new password.