Food Service Disposables 

Our Food Service Disposable Products

Products for food storage, apparel, disposable cups & lids, utensils, plates. Products for commercial kitchens and cafeterias.

Paper Crepe Cap

Royal Classy disposable paper crape caps to help avoid hair contamination in the kitchen.

brown food carry out box
Carry Out

Hot or cold food carry out bags and boxes. Designed to be leak and grease resistant. Helps keep food warm and fresh.

18 Quart Clear Container
Containers, Pans & Lids

Tote boxes, storage containers and lids helps keep food fresh and safe. A multitude of shapes and sizes.

7oz Waxed Paper Cup for Cold Beverages
Cups & Lids

Cup Dispensers, pleated, cone and waxed paper cups. Plastic Cups, Styrofoam cup and portion containers. Lids to prevent spillage.

food wrap
Food Wrap

Aluminum foil, strong, reliable and recyclable 18” X 500’. Plastic food wrap, easy-to-use serrated tear-strip minimizes waste and delivers the right cling for the tightest seal with unmatched durability and safety, 12” X 2000’ or 18” X 2000’

Napkin Dispenser

Beverage napkins, dinner napkins and napkins for high volume usage situations. Napkin dispensers for table or counters. Also, wall or base mounted napkin dispenser.

Styrofoam Plate and Bowl
Plates & Bowls

Disposable plates designed to hold hot or cold food in assorted styles and sizes. Disposable 12oz bowls holds hot or cold food.

disposable eating utensils or cutlery

Disposable dinning utensils, forks knives and spoons in a variety weights and dispensing options. Georgia Pacific utensil dispensers.

ziploc bang
Storage Bags

Double zipper, 1 gallon Ziploc storage bags 1.75 mil thickness. Sturdy, disposable, easy-to-open, easy-to-fill bags. Unique interlocking zipper seals securely; locks in freshness and protects foods from drying.  Reclosable bags 4” X 6” or 6” X 9” with a zipper type seal that closes securely and is easy to open time after time. These bags are excellent for storing, displaying, protecting and shipping all types of product. Because they are made only with virgin resin, they meet FDA requirements for contact with food products.