Cleaning Tools 

Our Cleaning Tools

Our cleaning tools encompasses many non-chemical cleaning products. Everything from trigger-sprayers to floor pads, floor squeegees to janitor carts and much more.

Powder Absorbents

There is an absorbent designed for many different spills: this includes bodily fluids, oil, grease & solvent based materials. Also includes sweeping compound.

Baby Changing Station
Baby Changing Station

Wall mounted fold-up baby changing station offers the highest level of safety and cleanliness available. The sleek design and color matches modern restroom design and décor. Constructed with 16% recycled materials and contributes to LEED certified building requirements.

Bottles and Trigger Sprayers
Bottles & Trigger Sprayers

24oz & 32oz bottles. Trigger sprayers for various applications i.e. foaming sprayers allowing cleaning solution to cling to vertical surfaces, chemical resistant sprayers, large capacity sprayers. Also pump sprayers with 48oz, 1 gal, 2 gal and 3 gal tank capacity.

Brooms and Dust Pans
Brooms & Dust Pans

Brooms for sweeping all areas and types of surfaces. Push brooms, lobby brooms, toy brooms, whisk brooms, angle cut brooms, warehouse & street brooms. Handles for push brooms include wood tapered handles, wood threaded handles, wood handle with metal threads. Also available are color coded fiberglass handles. Metal braces can be added to push brooms for added support and strength. Dust pans come in all shapes and sizes. There are standard plastic or metal 12" dust pans, 16" dust pans, lobby dust pans & large capacity "stand-up" dust pans.

Brushes and Bowl Mops
Brushes & Bowl Mops

Maintex offers hand brushes for every application. Angled dish brushes, utility brushes, carpet spotting brushes, bottle brushes, deck brushes, grout line brush, counter brush, toothbrush style brushes for small area cleaning, vehicle washing brushes, toilet bowl brushes and toilet bowl swabs caddies.

Purple Cleaning Cloths
Cleaning Cloths

Washable cloths for wiping up spills and cleaning all surfaces: Cotton bar towels, recycled diapers, recycled knit T-shirt, recycled napkins, recycled terry towels, Turkish towels, flannel, blue surgical towels, and select rags.

Closet Organizers
Closet Organizers

Organizes your closet or storage area with wall mount tool holders and brackets. Hang up mops brooms and other tools and make the most of your space.

replaceable dust mops
Dust Mopping

A dust mop for all situations. Disposable flat mops, laundry cleanable dust mop heads in assorted sizes, frames and handles. Wedge mops for reaching in smaller more confined spaces.

lambswool dusters in different colors

Find the system that works best for you: 3/M Easy Trap System, Americo TrapEze and Swiffer dusting sheets. Brushes for wall dusting and overhead cleaning. Lambswool, ostrich, polywool and microfiber dusters. Classic yellow mineral oil treated disposable dust cloths. Great for delicate surfaces as well as rugged dusting applications.

Flow Flat Mop Finishing System KIT
Floor Finish Applicators

Reduce labor costs and floor finish or floor sealer waste. Floor finish and sealers do not become contaminated as with standard mops. The finish and sealer goes down on the floor in an even, smooth application. Floor Finish/sealer dispensing is controlled and does not get on baseboards.

floor pads in different colors
Floor Pads

Floor pads are available in a multitude of sizes and colors: floor polishing, floor burnishing, floor scrubbing, floor stripping, diamond pads for polishing stone and concrete floors. All are Green Seal Certified.

floor squeegee
Floor Squeegees

Different floor squeegees for different applications: Acid resistant, heavy-duty for moving large volumes of water, mud and debris. Metal frame units and foam blades for uneven surfaces.

food or kitchen cleaning tools
Food Service Cleaning

Grill bricks & pumice stones, grill pads & holder, fryer basket brush, floor drain brushes, cutting board brush, high heat griddle squeegee, and heavy duty broiler brush.

hand sponges and pads for cleaning
Hand Pads & Sponges

All grades of hand pads and sponges for cleaning all types of surface and floors. Including steel wool pads and stainless-steel scouring pads.

Janitor Cart or Cleaning Cart
Janitor & Cleaning Carts

Manufactured by Rubbermaid, Continental, Delamo, Carlisle and Geerpres. Janitorial carts of all designs, such as units equipped with on-board waste transport bags, locking cabinets, stainless-steel construction, replacement waste bags and accessories are available.

microfiber cleaning cloths in different colors

Microfiber offers superior cleaning as compared to other fibers. Maintex offers disposable microfiber wipes and floor pads/mops. Also, laundry cleanable microfiber wipes and flat floor pads/mops. Traditional style fringed dust mops. Microfiber high dusters are available in disposable and laundry washable. Microfiber “tube mops” for wet mopping use can soak up to 8 times their weight in liquid. Microfiber buckets, frames, poles and applicators are available for a complete system.

mop heads and mop buckets

Wet mopping products includes cotton mop heads, banded-looped end mop heads, Rayon Mop heads, cut end mop heads and colored mop heads. Sponge mops and sponge mop replacement heads are offered as well. Mop handles include Quick Change, Super Grip, threaded, Quik-Release, clamp style and Speed Change. Wood and fiberglass handles. Rubbermaid, Continental and Delamo mop buckets and wringers are the best in the business. Both downpress and sidepress wringers are available. The Rubbermaid Spill Mop Kit with its disposable wet mop head makes short work of spill clean ups.

pails and buckets
Pails and Buckets

Maintex has a pail or bucket for every need. Rubbermaid color coded disinfecting pails to reduce cross contamination, round and square pails in several sizes.

sand for ashtrays and smoking urn

Black and white silica sand for use in ashtrays and smoking urns. Reusable when sifted. Available in 50 lbs bags.

Scraper and Putty Knife
Scrapers & Putty Knives

Different handle length offered.1.5” & 3” putty knives and blade scrappers for removing stuck on debris. Blade scrapers are available with 12” & 48” handle length and 4” & 6” blades. Also available are safety scrappers which uses single edge razor blades.

Urinal Screens in different colors
Urinal Screens

Urinal screens are available in every fragrance imaginable. Designed to prevent splash-back. Also safe for use in waterless urinals. Helps protect the drain from debris and helps reduce restroom odors. Scented rim-hanger deodorizers available for toilets bowls. Designed to fit any toilet bowl rim.

window squeegee and window cleaning tools
Window Care

Window squeegees and strip washers offered in all sizes. Window squeegee accessories including replacement squeegee blades and strip washer sleeves available. Complete window washing kits are available and extension poles in length of 4' and up to 30'.

White Wipers and Cleaning Cloths
Wipers & Cleaning Cloths

Professional quality disposable wipers. Wipers designed for all industries. Dispensed one-at-a-time through a box or in tubs where chemical cleaners can be added.

Wood care products
Wood Care

Bona wood floor products are renowned and considered to be the leading manufacturer of hardwood floor maintenance products. Bona products are used on many of the NBA floors. Waterborn urethane finishes and wood floor cleaners can protect and provide the sheen you desire.

Specialty cleaning tools

Maintex offers specialty cleaning tools such as disposable compressed air cans for dusting, all purpose grabbers for picking up trash/debris, toilet & drain plunger, mobile two-step stepstool and carry caddy which holds up to 8 spray bottles.