Floor Sweepers 

Our Floor Sweeper Products

Make short work of sweeping up dry dirt and debris in larger areas. Sweepers can be used on most floor surfaces, including carpet. The operator simply walks behind the sweeper while it picks up everything in its path. The side brush allows for cleaning next to walls, curbs, etc.

Example Walk-Behind Floor Sweeper
Walk-Behind Sweepers

Walk behind sweepers is a category of floor sweeping machinesknown for being exceptionally agile and easy to handle. These small sweepers are the best choice for efficient sweeping in small and medium size areas or highly crowded spaces. These units are operated by someone who is on foot behind the unit . These units usually have minimal size and weight so that anybody can manage the machine both safely and without effort. The operator uses the handle to control the functions of the machine and guide the forward movement . The speed of the sweeper is never faster than a person’s average walking speed and the sweeper is controlled by a drive lever or trigger.

Example Ride On Floor Sweeper
Ride On Sweepers

Rider floor sweepers are mechanical pieces of equipment that are made to handle large areas that cannot be covered by walking. These floor sweepers use a broom/brush that makes contact with the ground cleaning the area as it moves over it. These units can clean dirt, trash or anything that is dry. Many of these modern day sweepers use a form of dust filtration and vacuum system, to cut down on the amount of dust that is made by the larger main sweeping broom.