Floor Scrubbers 

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The most efficient way to clean and maintain “hard” floors is with a program that includes an automatic floor scrubber. Floor scrubbers reduce labor cost while greatly enhancing the appearance of a floor. Mopping a floor can actually spread dirt while an auto scrubber continuously dispenses clean solution and vacuums it up simultaneously. This includes concrete, tile and grouted floors. Maintex offers floor scrubbers in a variety configurations and sizes.

Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers Guide
Walk-Behind Scrubbers

Walk Behind Floor Scrubbers are the first type of Autoscrubber made. By utilizing various brushes or pads, walk behind scrubbers can clean any floor surface. These type of units are used in various applications, such as Malls, Airports, Hospitals, Education, ect. Machines are available with either battery or electric power sources with multiple different types of scrubbing variances.

Stand on Floor Scrubbers Guide
Stand On Scrubbers

Stand on Floor Scrubbers are the newest type of Auto Scrubber manufactured. These units utilize brushes or pads, and are self propelled while the operator is standing on a platform that is built on the unit . These Stand-on scrubbers were made to give the operators better sight lines and visibility, while not having the strain of needing to walk behind the unit. Productivity rates of these scrubbers have been much higher than traditional walk behinds and the operators have a much better ease of use while operating.

Ride on Floor Scrubbers Guide
Ride On Scrubbers

Ride on Floor Scrubbers are an advanced type of autoscrubber that is used mainly for larger applications and industrial settings. Most of these units are large industrial machines with diesel, LP and gasoline engines, but can come in battery as well. These machines tackle hard buildup that cannot be cleaned manually. These larger units also have heavy down pressure on the brushes that are able to break up soil that is extremely hard to break down and clean.