Carpet Extractors 

Our Carpet Extractor Products

Maintex has a carpet extractor for all cleaning applications. Starting with very small units for spot cleaning carpets and all the way up to carpet machines that you ride for maximum productivity in large areas. Also, available are traditional carpet extractors utilizing a hose & wand design and there is the option of adding heaters and larger pumps for maximum cleaning performance.

Example Self-Contained Carpet Extractor
Self-Contained Extractors

One type of carpet extractor is a self contained unit. These machines utilize a brush and vacuum that is contained in the same unit. This makes for an easy 1-step process of putting water onto the floor, using the brush to clean the surface area and a vacuum to suck up the soils. Some carpet extractors now come with ReadySpace® technology, which removes soil before it becomes embedded; thus extending the life of the carpet and extending the time between deep cleanings. This carpet cleaning technology leaves carpets clean, dry and ready for traffic in less than 30 minutes.

Example Ride On Carpet Extractor
Ride On Extractors

Some larger carpet extractors are not a push or pull technology, but a rider or ride on version. For this type of carpet extractor, you sit down and manually drive the unit over a large area of carpet and the mechanized cleaning is done at the base of the unit. Most of the ride on carpet extractors in the market today utilize the ReadySpace® technology, which allows you to clean the surface of the carpet and dry within 30 minutes and be ready for traffic. These units are made for larger carpeted areas with high traffic use, such as a hotel, casino, banquet hall, etc.