Stone Care

Stone Care

Stone Care


There are a variety of carpet cleaning methods (bonnet, extraction, rotary shampoo, etc.) and Maintex has carpet cleaning chemicals formulated to deliver the highest level of “clean” regardless of the method. Offered are carpet spotters, pre-sprays, encapsulation technology, pH neutralizers and anti-foam or defoamer products.

  • Bonastre Novagranit Gel

    Bonastre Novagranit Gel

    Bonastre System USA

    The easiest and fastest way to bring back the shine on granite, engineered stone, quartz and serpentines. Resistant to dust, light scratches and traffic*. Directions:- Clean and let the surface dry completely. Add 20 - 30 g of Novagranit Gel to the...
  • 214M Daily Conditioner/Cleaner

    214M Daily Conditioner/Cleaner


    No-rinse conditioner/cleaner for daily use on all stone. 214M Daily Conditioner/Cleaner is a 100% natural, pH neutral conditioning cleaner that is safe for all stone and ceramic surfaces. Daily damp mopping with 214M will maintain the stone's natural...