Maintex Customers

MAINTEX has 60 years of experience as a chemical manufacturer and distributor of cleaning chemicals and janitorial supplies. The MAINTEX branded products are recognized and used in all types of cleaning industries and applications. We serve K-12 schools, colleges, universities, hotels & hospitality facilities, restaurants / food service, housing communities, hospitals, assisted living facilities, long term care nursing homes and all healthcare related institutions, supermarkets, industrial & manufacturing companies and products for warehouse cleaning.

Maintex Brand Chemicals

Maintex is a leader in manufacturing high quality, environmentally-safe cleaning chemicals. We have operated our own manufacturing facility and state-of-the-art chemical laboratory since we first opened our doors in 1960. Throughout that time we have developed and refined over 300 proprietary formulas. Maintex custom chemicals are designed for quality, performance, and full compliance with the most stringent environmental and workplace safety regulations.

As a leading chemical distributor in the Western United States, Maintex adheres to a rigorous quality control process that ensures that our products meet the highest standards for performance and reliability and comply with all state and federal regulations. As cleaning methods modernize, evolve, and improve, Maintex conducts continual testing and analysis to make our existing products even better. Check out our broad range of high quality cleaning products below. Let our expert sales consultants work with you to find the perfect fit for your cleaning needs and budget!