High quality training is core to a safe, efficient, and effective cleaning program. That’s why Maintex offer a range of unique training capabilities to our customers.  Our educational resources in English and Spanish including certification courses, instructional videos, step-by-step cleaning guides, easy-to-follow signage, and on-site seminars.

Join the Academy

The Maintex Cleaning Academy is a free online  toolkit containing modules covering most common cleaning scenarios, such as restrooms, carpet, hard floor, and general cleaning. It does not require a login and can be used by an unlimited number of employees.  All lessons, step-by-step guides, product recommendations, and knowledge quizzes are available in both English and Spanish.

The Cleaning Academy is fully functional on computers, tablets, and mobile devices for flexibility and ease of use.  Printed brochures are also available from your Maintex sales consultant.

We stand behind you

As a Maintex customer, you have access to a broad array of sophisticated training for your current employees and new hires. All of our programs emphasize cleaning productivity, the latest industry best practices, and employee safety.

We Work With You

Large customers with complex internal training and communications needs can count on Maintex to be a trusted partner. Co-branded and private-branded training programs are available to fit even the most stringent requirements.

Hard Floor Care Certification Program

This intensive three day course offers classroom instruction as well as hands-on training.  Students are taught to identify different types of hard floor products and learn about which chemicals and cleaning approaches are best for each type.  They gain insight into best practices for safely operating equipment including traditional swing floor machines, automatic scrubbers, orbital stripping machines, and high-speed burnishers.  Next, students take a deep dive into floor finishes and coatings, learning about the chemistry behind finish and how to determine which finish to apply based on desired protection, appearance, and maintenance outcomes.  Proper finish application using both a traditional string mop and microfiber applicator is practiced, as well as approaches for inspecting floors and fixing trouble areas.  Safety and proper technique is emphasized throughout the course.